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I was told that I wasn’t perfect. I didn’t look like my peers. I was told to change myself. I was told to behave in a certain way. I was told a lot of things…

They told me I had slit eyes. They made fun of my tiny slit eyes. They changed my nationality. They called me derogatory slangs. They asked whether I could see properly..

I did everything to make my eyes look bigger. Put shit ton of makeup to not have slit eyes

They told me I was short. A midget they said. They told me I could be carried around in a pocket.

I hung on to jungle bars for my dear life. Supposedly it lengthens your spine ! Supposedly. I searched for things that could make me taller. I watched late night as seen on televisions products that could make me taller ( Yoko height increaser)

They told me I was too hairy. A girl shouldn’t have this much hair on her body. They called me hairy hound from Budapest (google it)

-I started waxing , threading, shaving at the age of 11. I spent tons of money to get rid of my UNWANTED hair

They told me I wasn’t fair enough. My complexion was a shade of jaundice.

– I painted my face with all the white makeup in the world

They told me to get braces. They tormented me to get braces. Fix your teeth, they said mockingly. Why don’t you get braces? Why don’t you get braces? Why don’t you get braces? WHY DON’T YOU GET BRACES?

-I forced my parents to take me to every dentist in the world

They called me fat if I put on a little bit of weight and they called me too skinny if I lost some weight

– I went on my first diet at the age 14

They told me I had stretch marks. They asked whether I was pregnant. I was 12 (this was before internet and common sense)

-I used every cream in the world to get rid of them

They told me I had a weird nose. Stubby nose they called it..

– My parents refused to entertain the idea of a nose job

They told me a lot of things. They still do. But what I didn’t know then and what I know now is that they can say whatever ever they want to. I know now that it’s just a reflection of their own insecurity. People want to make others feel bad, so that they can feel better. Let me generalise it and call it human nature.

They told me a lot of things and for the longest time I believed them. It took me years and years to realise that I didn’t want to be perfect. I am flawed and I love it.

It took me years and years to realise that their words couldn’t break me.

It took me years and years to realise

-That my tiny slit eyes looked gorgeous in a cat eye makeup. The most trending makeup routine ever !!


-That me being short worked in my advantage. I can comfortably sit anywhere without worrying about leg space. FYI I am 5’4


-That my excess body hair was a gift. I have the thickest shiniest head of hair. Strangers stop me to admire my hair..


-That my shade of jaundice complexion saves me from looking pale. How big is the self tanning makeup industry??


-That my crooked bugs bunny teeth gave me high cheek bones and a killer jaw line plus a cute smile.I don’t need contouring to look chiselled. I am glad my parents refused to get me braces. It would have changed my face structure.


-That I wasn’t fat and wasn’t too skinny. I was all right and I was proud of my body. I am fit as hell and no one can take that away from me. I stopped starving myself

-That my stretch marks where just marks. “ Your body is not ruined. You’re a tiger who has earned her stripes”. Love this quote

-That my stubby nose was not too bad. It looked fine. So what I don’t have a sharp nose

It took me years to love myself.



Did I sound vain? Should I be more modest ?

After years and years of people pointing out my flaws. I started believing them. I apologised for being imperfect. I felt bad, so that they could feel better. So I am glad I sound vain.

It took me years and years to love myself and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

I am flawed, so are you..

They told me a lot of things and I refused to believe them eventually and so will you….

So the next time someone points out your flaws; tell them to go screw themselves. I know that sounds crass, and one should be holier than thou… But if they can judge you for your appearance, you can definitely tell them to buzz off.




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  1. Glad to come across your blog,Radhika.Loved reading this honest piece Loving your own self and being happy with who you are is the best gift anyone can give themselves.

  2. Maybe those who criticize are not happy with themselves. We must look at them with some sympathy when they do some hate talk. Nice article though.

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