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We all have them, we all struggle with them! In my opinion they are the most difficult part of the body to tone.

I am talking about our lovely love handles a.k.a. Obliques

Try wearing low waist jeans, there goes those lumps flopping from the sides. Try wearing a bodycon dress; the side piece of flesh just pops out even more. You could have a toned flat stomach but still struggle with love handles. I can easily tone any part of my body with regular exercising but my obliques give me nightmares. That’s the only part of my body I can grab and feel fat.

Now if you are comfortable with your obliques, and you like a little bit of flesh from the sides , then kudos to you. Every body is beautiful, every body should be appreciated.

But if your love handles are making you conscious and you feel that you cannot wear a dress without spanx; I suggest you try these yoga stretches. I do them regularly and I’ve seen a significant difference. Though don’t expect them to tone the love handles over night. Its not magic !

Side Plank
Keep your body tight, so that it is in a straight line, making sure not to let your hips sink to the floor. If this is too difficult, bend the leg closest to the floor and support your weight on your knee. If you’re ready for more, raise the hand on your hip toward the sky so that it is in a straight line with your opposite arm
Sage Tree
Release your right toes, bend your right knee, and use your right hand to pull your right heel as high up on your inner thigh as possible, so it's in a Tree pose . Once you're stable, reach your right arm up above you, and if you can, gaze up at your palm. Stay here for five deep breaths, trying to keep your core strong and the pose steady.
Extended Side Angle
exhale as you plant your right hand on the floor beside your right foot, and raise your left arm over your ear. Hold for five breaths.
Opposite Arm and Leg Pose
Start by lifting your right arm and extending it so that it is straight and in line with your back. When you feel steady, extend your left leg back so that it too is in line with your back. Reach through both extended body parts, with your right arm reaching toward the front of the room and your back toes pointing and reaching toward the back wall.
Clasped Locust
Bring the arms behind your lower back, and clasp your fingers together, pressing the heels of the palms together in a double fist. As you inhale, pull the hands away from you to lift the chest as high as you can, simultaneously raising the feet. Lengthen through the spine by drawing the head away from the toes.
Navasana: Boat Pose
Sit on the floor with your legs straight in front of you. Lift through the chest and lean back. Bend the knees and lift the feet about 45 degrees off the floor.Reach the arms forward alongside the legs parallel to the floor. Firm the lower abdomen, tuck the chin slightly, and gaze forward or up at your feet. Stay for five breath cycles.

Hope this was of some help and hope you do these stretches regularly and if you liked the post, please comment , like and share


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