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Birth of Yogasini

What started as a random fluke turned into a brand I wasn’t always Yogasini. I was this shy, timid, under confident, suffering from social anxiety kind of person. Second guessed my self ! People’s opinions mattered. That’s what I was After a series of misfortunes, I made a hobby into a passion. All by chance […]


How I suck at Running !!

I’ve always had a stamina problem. Even as a child, I could run fast but not for too long. My father made it a point to take me running every weekend. Its suffice to say, that I didn’t fancy that much. In school I was always a part of the relay team, till I changed […]


4 poses 4 Toned Legs !!

I am constantly asked about stretches to tone up or lose weight from the legs ! Let be honest here, we all want those toned, skinny legs but not everyone can get it and that’s absolutely fine. You are built a certain way, lets call it genetics. Your body type is different from a 5’10 […]

The Family

The best 19 days of my Life !!

I was told on 23rd July 2012 in London that the next 19 days of my life would be a journey that would make me or break me. These 19 days spent at North Greenwich Arena also known as O2 Arena, would change my life. I would never be able to experience this again and […]

One Legged Side Plank

No More Love Handles for You !

We all have them, we all struggle with them! In my opinion they are the most difficult part of the body to tone. I am talking about our lovely love handles a.k.a. Obliques Try wearing low waist jeans, there goes those lumps flopping from the sides. Try wearing a bodycon dress; the side piece of […]


Yoga For Hair Growth

Yoga to the rescue. This time hair fall rescue Thunderbolt Pose Or Vajrasana The posture thunderbolt is also known as diamond pose. It enhances the supply of energy and blood to the upper part of our body. Sit on the knees while resting the back on your heels. Place the palms on the thighs, facing […]


Easy Breezy Hair No More Frizzy !!

Stranger – Wow you have just long beautiful hair !! What’s your secret ? Me- Hmm…I try washing it once in a while (Stranger refuses to believe me) To be honest, I don’t bother with my hair. The reason it’s so long is because I can’t think of a new hair do, so I’ve just […]

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kaşık -Turkey 2015

Istanbul was Constantinople Now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople Been a long time gone, Constantinople Now it’s Turkish delight on a moonlit night A post for my travel series was due. For a long time I had been planning to do a write-up on my Turkey Travels from last year. But something or the other came […]

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