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When you have extremely sensitive skin, you don’t have the luxury to try out anything and everything on your face. You have to pick and choose your products very carefully. My skin is so frail, that the veins on my face are visible. You can probably draw the map of India on it. But it doesn’t stop there. I have to apply the right amount of face cream just so that I can avoid any mishaps. Too much, will make me break out, too little will my skin peel. At times, I am suffering from an oily T zone, yet I have skin peeling off my nose. Luckily I’ve never suffered from acne, that’s probably because of my diet and me being overtly careful about my skin.

I am a lover of all natural  unadulterated products. From my teenage years, I’ve been applying yogurt, honey , lemon to my face, in its actual form. All organic, no chemicals. I would make these face masks , leave them on for a couple of minutes and they saw me through every time. Unfortunately, I now neither have the time nor the patience.

Over International Women’s Day,  a dear friend Jia Singh from and Karishma Bedi invited us bloggers for a pampering session to Gulnare at Shahpurjat Village, New Delhi India. The flagship store is all about skin care and more; coming out with their own makeup line very soon. Oh did I forget to mention, all of the products are organic and cruelty free.

It’s been two weeks that I’ve been using their products, and I had to pen down my views on it. A stickler for quality , I am extremely finicky about what I put on my face. Gulnare didn’t disappoint.

Lets Start with the Face Cream

Aloe+Vitamin E Face Cream

Two extremely amazing ingredients. Vitamin E restores lost moisture and reduces the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles and aloe with its healing powers cools down the face. The moisturizer is gel based and not cream. It applies smoothly and effortlessly on the skin. It has this cooling sensation which is amazing and I can’t imagine how useful it will be for the upcoming summer days. I don’t like creams that take too much time to get absorbed and I have to go on rubbing it over and over again. Because its gel based, I could put it and go for a run and do yoga. Usually if I apply a cream based moisturizer and workout, I sweat even more and then end up breaking out. With this, I had no such issue.

The Next was the Oil

Hypnos Massage Oil for Pain Relief

I can’t tell you how useful it is for someone who does Yoga thrice a day. I have knots in my back that drive me up the wall. Every week I need a back massage just to ease my nerves. Sore body is now my second skin and this oil really helped in soothing my kinks and aches. It feels like a warm compression and gently calms the nerves relieving you off the pain in your muscles. If the Indian Cricket Team is using it, it has to be good 🙂

The Last but not the Least was the face Scrub

Sweet Almond Face Scrub

The face scrub can easily become breakfast. I am not making this up. Crushed almonds and oats.  I think I actually ate some, while applying it. Love Love Love face scrubs. They leave the skin smooth and supple . No dead skin. I always scrub my face before I apply makeup, only because I feel the foundation and concealer absorbs better into the skin without making it look too cakey .  Approve Approve Approve.

Do check out the skin care boutique at Shahpurjat Village. It’s the first right into the market, with the Welcome Sign without an E . Go straight towards the sweet shop and its on your right hand side, with the sign pointing towards Gulnare.

For more information check out their website

If you want skin care that can cater to your specific skin type and not just a generalised moisture. Check out the store

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