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June’s 6 pack Ab challenge

Welcome to my One month 6 pack ab challenge! A fitness experiment to find out whether you can actually achieve the coveted 6 pack in a month.

We will be doing 30 exercises everyday for the next 30 days. , with a break every 3 days. I will be showing my own progress on Instagram and facebook and I would love to see your progress as well.

The reps and time holds will increase weekly .

I am not following any special diet for this challenge. Normal home cooked food is what I am sticking to. If you want to follow a diet, you are welcome to do this.

This challenge is supposed to be fun. If there are days, you don’t feel like doing these, then don’t . Rest that day and the continue with the challenge the next day. No worries !!

A video and pictures are attached for reference

Lets do this !!

Weekly  Schedule


  1. wall sit                                                 2. Squats


3. Trikonasan                               4. Knee to elbow

5. superman                                                            6. Mountain Climbers

7. High Plank                                                                       8. Forearm Plank


                                                               9. Side High Plank

10. Side Forearm Crunches

11. Side forearm Plank leg lifts

12. Alternate arm leg Plank

13. Leg Lifts

14. Double legged Cycle


15. Crunches

16. Flutter Kicks

17. Bicycle Crunches

18. Leg Pull in

19. Knee Crunches

20. Leg toe Touches

21. Cross Crunches

22. Half sit up                                          23. Full sit up

24. Toe Touches

25. Bridge                                                                    26. One Legged Bridge

27. V-ups

28. Russian Twists

29. Wind Shield Viper

30. Spread leg Crunches

31. Joint leg crunches

32. Reverse Crunches

33. Sarvangasan                                                     34. Plough Pose

35. Boat Pose and Variation

36. Savasasan


My Progress



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