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Lessons I Learned From the Delhi Smog

In North India, we have come to a point where going out for an evening stroll can be hazardous to your health. Ladies and gentlemen, we are literally breathing in fumes. The Air Quality Index has reached alarming levels and to a point that people have started falling ill.

About two weeks ago, when the smog had engulfed the city completely, I was heading home from a friends place in the evening, and I thought I’ll walk back. Biggest mistake!!!

As I walked back, eyes started burning and my throat was hurting. I decided to step up my pace to reach home faster and escape this ordeal but that was not to be. By the time I got home the toxic mist had entered the house cutting through the surrounding gardens, plants, and trees leaving me rubbing my eyes and gasping for breath!!!

The air we are breathing inside our very own houses is toxic.

Imagine the plight of young children and elderly who have respiratory problems. One out of every five children has breathing issues. Newborn babies that are exposed to such dust and toxins, run the risk of growing up with respiratory disorders. Elderly people, who are also equally affected, need oxygen masks to survive in these situations.

As I sat pondering over this burning issue, I thought to myself that we can’t do anything about the air outside – it’s not in our hands. But we can definitely do something about the air we breathe inside our homes.

Clean and unpolluted air, at least inside our own homes is a basic human necessity and all steps must be taken to provide for the same.

That is when the idea of investing in an air purifier came to my mind. But the question was – which one?

First and foremost, I needed to figure out how does an Air Purifier really work and how effective they really were! I bounced the idea off my friends and family, did a bit of research and was pleasantly surprised to come across quite a few brands in the market.

After a fair amount of study, I zeroed in on the time-tested and dependable Whirlpool Brand.

You might be wondering why I chose Whirlpool Purafresh Air Purifier. This is because it eliminates PM 2.5 Pollutants including 14 different types of allergens, bacteria, dust, foul smell, hazardous, particles, pet hair, smoke and more. While studying about purifiers, I came to know about the importance of HEPA filters and I am glad that Whirlpool has integrated this in their purifiers along with 4 stage filtration process.

Despite installing the purifier, a question that constantly came up was how will I know that the air inside my room is purified or polluted?? Thankfully, Purafresh has an air quality indicator to denote how clean and fresh is the air that I am breathing. I noticed the difference myself while working out indoors, which till recently, had become as strenuous and difficult as the outdoor workouts in a polluted atmosphere.

The Whirlpool Air Purifier comes in two variants – W440 and W210 – thus catering to both large and small living spaces/rooms. The W440 offers large room solutions with a 4-1 filter along with a Freshonizer, timer, auto lock and a comfort mode. The smaller room solution, W210, also comes installed with all the essential features like air quality indicator, filter replace sensor, double gear fan speed, and a silent mode. Both these models are designed to absorb the harmful pollutants from the air, providing a fresh and safe environment inside your house.

We all are aware that Air Pollution has gone out of our hands and somewhere we are to be blamed for this, and the people and the Government should all be taking measures to reduce our carbon footprint, but that is another discussion altogether. Right now, the reality is that we are breathing in a highly toxic environment and we must take immediate measures to eliminate its harmful effects on ourselves and our families. Air Purifier is the most effective solution and I highly recommend it.


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