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  1. “Hi, my name is Radhika Bose, and I am a fitness addict” . “Hi Radhikaaa..” (desperately trying to be funny, epic fail  )
  2. Major Single child syndrome, travel enthusiast, constant dreamer and loves yoga .
  3. Yes yoga, though I am not very spiritual . But I do love the whole concept of body mind and soul and how all three are interconnected. That being said I practice everything unhealthy as well….sorry not sorry
  4. I am not a fitness guru or an expert. For me working out is fun, relaxing and challenging myself. And that’s what this blog is going to be about. Period
  5. By profession and a degree I am suppose to be a video editor, but 4 years of that made me realize how much I hated it. So I quit.
  6.  I love me some waffles. You want to win me over, get me waffles 🙂
  7. Back to the blog– I’ve been practicing yoga for the last 9 years and in my 10th year I realised; I wanted to take it up professionally . Yes, a very late bloomer
  8. That being said, I’ve also tried other forms of fitness as well. So I’ve a fair bit of knowledge
  9. I want this blog to be a fun take on fitness and the love of it, and not a propaganda.
  10. This is my take on fitness. I have no intentions of being preachy and a know it all and the minute I start doing it, please shut me down.

Hope you like what I have to say about fitness and life and feel free to get in touch anytime..

Radhika xx

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