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The gods have bestowed upon me the knowledge of knowing what’s right and wrong in the world…or like most gurus, that’s what I claim !

Ok enough faffing around. I am no guru.. I am just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her…Stop it, stop acting like a complete weirdo on the internet . There’re already so many of them!!

Now that is out of my system, lets get this post going…

There are 101 reasons why you should workout. These are my 10 reasons why you shouldn’t.

Before you write me off and call me a moron, just read it. See if you can relate to it. If not, then that’s fine. You are entitled to your opinion just like I am…

So here goes..

1. The Right Reason

First and foremost . If you are not working out for the right reasons, you are not working out. Hitting the gym day and night, starving yourself to death to fit into that overtly expensive dress, which will be worn precisely once in your lifetime; is not the right reason.

Why isn’t it?

Because it’s a patchwork. You are not doing it to become fit or healthy. You are doing it to become skinny. Plus you are straining your body for a temporary fix. That weight will come back and with the vengeance. Never workout for the wrong reasons, I reiterate!!!

2. The Dumping Game

Never workout if your significant other thinks you’re putting on weight or getting a tad too chubby. Dump the significant other. No one has the right to comment on your body but you. NO ONE. This also includes those pesky friends we all have; you know the ones who make it a point to comment on your love handles. Dump them too. If these people are forcing you to hit that mat, I say don’t !

Do it for yourself, not for others.

3. Victoria’s Secret

If social media or the internet is making you feel bad about your body, and you think you have to do something about it; coz look at those Victoria Secret girls…

Let me tell you one thing. Those Victoria Secret girls also don’t look like those Victoria Secret girls. (I borrowed this from somewhere)

4. Fad Out

The latest fads

Get that summer body ready… Look at those abs.. I want my bikini body going on… ( said in a nasal voice )

All these fads are on a time limit. No one can have a bikini body through out the year. It’s impossible. Don’t fall for the fads. They don’t help you in the long run

5. The Rat Race

Don’t do it, if it’s a competition with someone.

“She is so thin, so I must do 100 crunches , just to be thinner..”

Hear yourself out. Is that a reason to take up fitness ?

You are doing it for a better well-being and if your core reason is competing with someone else; that well being is flawed from day one. Think about it !!

6. #Trending

There are many ways you can workout these days. Don’t do it just because it’s the latest thing trending.

Pilates, Yoga, CrossFit, Weights !! Ok .

Choose the one You want to do. Not all body types can do all of the above. I have literally tried all of them, and after everything I have stuck to Yoga. You could be different.

Let your body tell you what it needs than #trending

7. Fun Times

Don’t make it an ordeal. The minute you make working out a chore, it will become a chore. Being committed to fitness is so well and good. Just don’t go overboard with it. Let your body rest once a week. Make it a fun activity instead of a pain

8. The Maddening crowd

Setting yourself goals and targets are good. But thinking you can lose 10 kgs in a month, is a maddening thought. And I know in order to achieve it, you will starve your self. Strain and over exert your body for that momentary bliss. You have no idea what repercussions your body will face in the long run, if you are not careful. You heard somewhere, who did something and lost all that weight within days.

That’s all a lie.

9. You ain’t fooling me

 Buy this workout machine , and you will get 6pack abs.. Take this capsule and all your weight will vanish overnight. Try this technique and you will look like a super model .

I don’t want to look like a supermodel !!

I can see your equipment is just plastic held on with screws. They dont work. Please don’t fall for such products. The ab cruncher, the sleep walker, the sauna belt. The sauna belt is epic. Who are you trying to fool??

Life isn’t a hack. There are no hacks to a better you..

10. The dreaded Weighing Machine

Lastly, I love working out and I like to inspire people to do so as well. But don’t do it to look malnourished. Working out, hitting that mat, joining a gym; let’s you discover your body in a new way. Appreciate that way. Don’t abuse it. Let your body amaze you.

Feeling good after that 10k run; lifting those heavy weights when you thought you couldn’t; nailing that headstand that gave you nightmares are what counts. That pure pleasure and joy is what I gun for, not the silly numbers on the weighing machine.


I hope this inspires you not to work out, or at the very least workout for the right reasons.

The divine light in me honours the divine light in you.




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  1. This is something really great. I have been into yoga since year now and people like you inspire and motivate me more. More and more power to you ✌

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