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An evening filled with glits glamour and some fun quotient.

Vlcc presenting its wide range of makeup looks #VlCCMakeupSimpleAwesome.

It was held at the beautiful Hotel Roseate House

As a makeup lover, it was so exciting to get invited and see the trending looks for the year 2017 and I even got to be a judge! Though it was a makeup runaway show it felt more like fashion week with Actress Esha Gupta gracing us with her presence at the end.

The event was an exciting ramp show showcasing four different makeup looks. The ‘Vintage Look’, the ‘Dramatic Look’, the ‘Red Carpet’ look and the ‘Bridal Look’. Big names of the fashion industry like Rina Dhaka, Samant Chauhan, Arjun & Anjalee Kapoor and Nikita Tandon were also associacted with VLCC for this event. It was all about the upcoming global trends, creating art that set new benchmarks for the makeup and fashion Industry

My favourites were Vintage and drama. Vintage makeup look had the old world charm with the red lips and wavy hair and the Dramatic make-up look was bold and thrilling because of its dark colour choices and artwork.

The ‘Vintage Look’ was inspired from the 1950-60s and highlighted retro fashion with its bright bold lipstick and winged eyeliner. Samant Chauhan, designed the collection around this look.

The ‘Dramatic Look’, was the second theme, a popular sighting in all international fashion events. The look was inspired from ‘theater’ and  curated by Ms. Catrina Chiari, famous makeup artist from Italy. Rina Dhaka, a big name in the fashion industry designed the attires complementing the ‘Dramatic Look’.

The third theme was the ‘Red Carpet Look’ inspired by the glamorous Bollywood divas and their attendance at international awards. Ms. Nikita Tandon, designed the outfits for the ‘Red Carpet Look’. The makeup for this look was done by the VLCC Makeup team.

With weddings being a big event in India, VLCC conceptualized ‘The Bridal Look’ to mark the upcoming wedding season. The outfits were crafted by  duo Anjalee and Arjun Kapoor. Shaan Mutthatil, make-up artists to celebrities like Jacqueline Fernandes, KritiSanon, and Nargis Fakhri crafted the makeup for the bridal look, along with the VLCC Makeup team.

The event had a cup cake corner and whose doesn’t like some cup cakes ! A Bausch Lomb corner to try out different coloured lenses. An amazing spread was laid out for us with some beautiful desserts. There was a make up station to try out the different VLCC products. In other words, a haven for any make up lover.

I believe makeup has the power to transform anyone! It can instantly change your mood , make you feel like a million bucks. It’s an art, just like painting on a canvas, in this case your face is a canvas.

I had a sneak peek into the Green Room, filled with super tall gorgeous models and hair sprays everywhere, last-minute touch ups and rush . It was truly electrifying to see such a sight.

I was 13 when I first went to VlCC for a hair cut and it’s been a long-term association with the brand.

Founded by Mrs.VandanaLuthra as a beauty and slimming services centre in 1989, VLCC is today widely recognised for its comprehensive portfolio of beauty and wellness products .

Any beauty and hair service you can think of, VlCC will provide you with that.

Be it laser hair removal to hair loss treatment. It has the best spa packages and there is a Vlcc in a 5km radius everywhere in India.

VlCC is revolutionising the Make-up and hair Industry as we speak.

Thank you VlCC was inviting me to an amazing event, it was very nice catching up with bloggers from the makeup world and getting the first look on 2017 makeup trends.

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